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3 Training Aids That Change Your Golf Game

Golf is a precision game. The beauty of this fun game is that you can always become better by swinging more accuracy, distance and increasing swing speed. If you are interested in improving your golf game, golf training aids are great choice for you, especially if you cannot make the course or driving range frequently. There are many training aids released every year, choose right training aids will sure make differences. 

Check out our popular training aids below.


The Putting Arc T3 was designed for any level player. The ARC Mirror is a new product that help you to monitor head, eye, shoulder positions and head/body stability while practicing with a T3 indoors or outdoors. The ARC Mirror was designed to work with the T3 Putting Arc but it will work equally as well with any of the other Putting Arcs. Large usable size, yet folds to fit in a golf bag.


By using TABATA triangle fitting float you can learn how to keep both of your arms to a triangle shape while holding golf clubs.

By keeping the triangle on both arms will help you to master the body movements.

Easy size adjustment; adjust the size with the amount of air injection.

3.TABATA Tornado Stick SKU: 100105080

The key benefit of TABATA tornado stick is to master your swing by feeling the flexible shaft bending. 

TABATA Stick comes with different types

2 different length type:

  • Long

Long type suitable for outdoor practice. with more Club-like feeling. 

  • Short type

Short type suitable for indoor practice. 

2 different hardness type:

  • Hard

Feel weight of the club and naturally learn to swing with pendulum effect

  • Soft

Training to practice the swing rhythm and the timing of the shots that help to establish a stable swing.