The process of producing a Basileus shaft started out with the vision of creatin gshafts that the company could proudly deliver to its customers that were customized for each individual. To achieve this, Basileus created a matrix they call an A-B Map that was derived from the analysis of data from thousands of shafts using its proprietary EI Curve distribution method of shaft analysis. Each shaft Basileus makes fits in the matrix, which makes finding a profile easier to find for the player.

Basilius shafts are made from the high modulus carbon materials from Japan, designed in-house in and manufactured in Japan. All visual aesthetics are also decided in Japan and painting is performed in Japan using special technologies and quality controls. 

In short, Basileus has seen an increasing trend by shaft manufacturers towards cost cutting and they feel that fewer of its competitors shafts truly meet the objectives, wants and needs of the player. Even the common message communicating the products sales pitch of “Hit the ball farther” without actually providing any real solution to the users needs had to be addressed.

Through design, calculations and countless trial and error, Basileus feels they have perfected its shafts and identified the crucial bits of data that can help users understand the objective characteristics of its shafts and choose the ideal shaft for their style of play.