Exclusive Brands

Why Shop Foreign and Exclusive Golf Products?

Stand out on the golf course with a strong golf game and exclusive golf gear! Exotic golf gear helps you polish your image on the golf course and wow your clients and peers.

At Par-Tee Golf, we are the trusted exclusive distributor of genuine products from foreign exclusive brands where you cannot get any where else. Japanese and other foreign and exotic products are of very high quality. The novelty will also add to the enjoyment and quality of your golf experience.

If you have never played with or tried out any exotic or Japanese import gear or attire, don’t be shy and come check it out! Our friendly staff at Par-Tee Golf are happy to walk you through all the different products and ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

We have a wide selection of exotic products, including:

  • Japanese golf clubs
  • Clothing for men (polos, shoes)
  • Clothing for women (dresses, skirts)
  • Golf bags
  • Japanese golf electronics
  • Accessories
  • And many more


The Japanese golf club manufacturer Akira is much adored by golfers worldwide for their golf products of impeccable quality. The company endeavours to inspire a passion for the sport in golfers of all age and skill levels, regardless of gender.

Rock Dude’s brand mark bears a message of the intention for a revolutionary work depicted by a sword piercing through a lily which is a symbol of a heir to a throne. Its silhouette also remarks a shape of a teed up ball. Rock Dude’s brand name quotes a friendly slang “You rock, dude!” Using key colors of off-white, black, navy and beige, then adding accents with various details, textures, and processes which provides an unique sounding brilliance for you.


G/FORE aims to align whimsy and fun with the beloved game of golf. They take great pride in their attention to detail to provide the modern golfer with premium level golf apparel, footwear, and accessories made from the highest quality materials.


Tovho is a company that makes its home in Kyoto, Japan. This beloved brand is well-renowned for their golf apparel and accessories that are fashioned out of denim. Tovho values tradition and seeks to align new design concepts with old world craftsmanship in attractive clothing designed to last.

J. Lindeberg

Lindeberg is a fashion house in Scandinavia. The company focuses their attention on the design and manufacture of premium quality golf clothing in eye-catching colors, fabrics, and cuts to support the modern, active lifestyle.

Pearly Gates

Japan’s most popular line of golf clothing, Pearly Gates focuses on providing the avid golfer with apparel that is both fashionable and comfortable. To this end, Pearly Gates is dedicated to manufacturing clothes from top quality materials that are durable and that promote excellent mobility.

Dance with Dragon

Deeply influenced by its founder’s role in the dye industry, Dance with Dragon prioritizes the production of specially dyed golf apparel to promote the concept of athletic wear that is stylish, comfortable, and easy to wear. Their design focus centers on manufacturing clothing that is appropriate for life on the green or in the home.


GIII is an apparel group whose primary role is in the creation of outstanding outerwear. GIII is a global brand that takes great pride in producing fashionable apparel that is available at a reasonable price point, combining the best of style and affordability for today’s golfer.


Jean-Baptiste produces top-shelf golf equipment. With operations based in Japan, Jean-Baptiste’s forge milled putters and titanium drivers are complete with the company’s distinctive ion-plated finish, making them highly sought worldwide. Jean-Baptiste is a luxury brand that is exclusively sold in Canada at Par-Tee Golf.


Mr. Mayuki Takai’s company Itobori Golf focuses on crafting one of a kind show piece golf clubs that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each golf club is masterfully created from the highest quality materials, finishes, and grinds to present the modern golfer with a club that is a unique masterpiece.


Estivant’s lead designer, Mr. Shinji Matsutani, brings a lifetime of experience to the company’s products via his work as a professional golf coach. Mr. Matsutani functions as Estivant’s leading golf club designer and is known for his meticulous handcrafting of top quality driver heads for the golf aficionado looking to improve their game.

Majesty Prestigio

Majesty Prestigio is a company who places high emphasis on the marriage of cutting edge technology with expert craftmanship to yield a new gold standard for 21st century golf clubs. Majesty Prestigio’s clubs are well-renowned amongst golf professionals for their peak level performance and exquisite beauty.


EPON is a company built on the foundation of producing high quality golf equipment that is equally suited to amateurs and professionals. With a wide variety of products to choose from, EPON allows its customers to select clubs that will enhance their game, reduce handicaps, and compensate for golfer flaws.


Tabata is a purveyor offering a diverse selection of golf products, novelty items, tools, training equipment, and accessories. From practice putting greens to golf club cleaning supplies, swing improvement tools, golf balls, tees, and more, Tabata offers one-stop shopping to keep the modern golfer’s arsenal of golf-related items fully stocked.

Efficace Homme

“Efficace homme” is Man’s classy,retro-French style for adults It is men’s golf wear! What doyou think to wear? To be fun of golf. We propose a completely new sense of golf fashion.


“I like sporty clothes, but I still like to do my own fashion when playing golf!” It is golf wear with the theme of “retro french” that fulfills the wishes of such female golfers. “Efficace” proposes highly wearable “adult cute” golf wear, which is a new choice for female golfers from beginner to advanced.


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