MTG, the company which produces Itobori golf clubs, was established in 2015 at Nagoya, Japan. Mayuki Takai, the designer and owner of the business, brings more than 30 years of experience in the golf industry to this enterprise. Mr. Takai was once a PGA Tour Pro who opted to retire from the world of professional golf when he was unable to realize the success he had always dreamed of for himself.

Mr. Takai possesses a great talent for golf club design. Fuelled by a love of the game, he opted to redirect his passion for golf into the creation of handcrafted, exquisitely designed golf clubs. His experience as a player on the PGA Tour has equipped him with expert knowledge of what golfers are looking for in the ideal club.

A golf club designed by Mayuki Takai is truly a work of art. Every product is made by the master himself, and his products are the perfect blend of performance and beauty.