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Since a golf grip is the only part of a club your hand comes in contact with, it is an essential golf club component with the power to greatly enrich your game. Replacing your golf grip with the correct one for you could be all that is standing between you and a better golf experience.

Experts agree that golf grips are typically good for a maximum of 40 rounds of golf. Every material from the ozone invading our atmosphere to the oils in your hands will cause your golf grips to degrade in quality, making regular re-gripping necessary.

The professionals at Par-Tee Golf help source, repair, and maintain your golf grips to keep your clubs in top notch form. We offer many different specialized and exclusive brands to give our valued customers the choices they need for the ideal custom fit.

Par-Tee Golf stocks a large variety of grips manufactured from different materials and in various styles including rubber, corded, wrapped, lightweight, and putter grips. Since the correct fit is essential for a comfortable golf swing that yields results, we offer grips in various sizes to help you find your ideal fit.

Among the golf grips we provide for our customers are: Golf Pride, Pure Grips, Super Stroke, Flat Cat, Ping


Par-Tee Golf works closely with leaders in the golf industry today to bring the best golf re-shafting solutions to our valued customers. Whether you have a broken shaft in need of replacement or are simply looking to customize your clubs for a better fit, we offer a variety of different shafts that can revolutionize your golf game.

Since golfers come in different shapes and sizes, there is no one club that is perfect for everyone. That is where a re-shaft of your clubs can make all the difference.

To find your perfect fit, it is necessary to consider all angles including the length of each club as well as its lie and loft. If any of these golf club components is not correct, it can negatively impact your golf experience. To gain the greatest level of comfort, accuracy, and distance, all of these elements should be customized with the correct shaft for each of your clubs.

We offer some of the leading golf shafts on the market today including: KBS, NS Pro, Tour AD, Basileus


Golf clubs are a very personal, highly specialized item. They are as unique to each person as the clothes they select for themselves. That’s why to get the most out of your golf game you need a set of custom-built golf clubs that are the perfect fit for your build, comfort, and style.

To ensure your ideal fit, our golf pros will analyze your swing, making use of one of our two in-house simulators. This set of measurements is critical to helping us understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie, allowing us to custom create each club to help you get the most from your golf game. The right set of clubs can help correct flaws in your swing or technique to provide greater results on the green.

Could it be a better golf game is as simple as a set of custom-built golf clubs? Let Par-Tee Golf show you the difference handmade and customized golf clubs can make for you!

Among the top quality products we offer are: Epon, Itobori, Metal Factory, Jean Baptiste